Supervised Parenting Time


When parents get divorced, they have to shift to a business-like co-parenting relationship to care for their children. Many parents learn to make this transition, but others require the help of the courts and/or a third party to facilitate the co-parenting relationship.

Supervised parenting time is a possible solution to protect children from parental conflict. This is often used in when there is a history of neglect or abuse in the family, when a parent has a history of substance abuse or mental illness, or when a parent cannot refrain from speaking negatively about the other parent to the child.

Supervised visitation allows children to maintain relationships with both parents after divorce, even during periods of high conflict. Visiting the non-residential parent gives children the chance to maintain their relationship in a safe setting, where the stress of the parents’ relationship will not be passed on to the child.

As a parenting time supervisor, I accompany parents and children on visits to ensure the safety of the children. I also supervise exchanges of children between parents. My task is to make sure that the child is not hurt physically, verbally, or emotionally, and that they are not subject to parental alienation.

I can also monitor phone calls between a parent and child. Using conference-calls, I can listen silently or actively intervene to maintain appropriate parent-child communication over a distance.

My role is to help parents maintain a positive relationship with their children. I work closely with attorneys, therapists, and other professionals to maintain consistent service for my clients.